The Senior Pastor Oritamefa Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. Remi Awopegba, members of the Education Board present, parents, returning students, amiable fresh students, distinguished ladies and gentlemen.
I thank God for His inexhaustible mercies upon us all. May His Holy name be praised for ever and ever. Once again I thank Him for the success He has been giving to this school since her establishment on October, 2002. The school has been growing in leaps and bound and our students are known for excellence in both external examinations and competitions. We appreciate God for the last WASSCE result, as usual the school recorded 100% in all the subjects. To God be the glory. !!!
I want to appreciate the proprietor for their foresight and continual support which has been the catalyst to the school’s greatness. I also appreciate the Education Board, OBMS staff, parents, students and other stakeholders for their co-operation without which the good-will we are enjoying would have been a mirage. It is a pleasure to welcome everyone to this new academic year. I want to specially welcome on board our fresh students and their parents. You have made the right decision which you will never regret in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Here, these children would enjoy all round intimate learning dispensed by our selfless and affectionate tutors, they will enjoy lifelong friendship, lasting memories and a set of skills that would allow them to adapt to our world and her opportunities. I stand here with great confidence in Christ Jesus and deep sense of humility to assure you that your wards are in safe hands.
Dear parents, we want to crave your absolute indulgence and all-round co-operation in complementing the school in the task of nation building, promptly respond to our calls, attend all PTPF, check the school work of your wards and promptly pay their fees, so that they will not be sent out of their classrooms as this has adverse effect on students performance.
This is a Christian school, where discipline is our watchword. We wish to state unequivocally that we would not tolerate indiscipline in any guise. We have had reasons to suspend and expel students in the past. Parents should see the members of staff as their friends and deal with them as such. In all join hands with us as we work and pray to bring the best out of the children God has given us as His own heritage.
New students, (standing) you must be neat and well dressed – in white socks, black or brown shoes or sandals. (no canvas or tennis shoes). The use of phone is prohibited in this school, if found on you, it will be seized. No late coming, no truancy and no wild or excessive play to the hurt of yourself or some-else. Remain in the school between 7.30a.m. - 4.00p.m. except on Fridays when we close at 1.00p.m. Just as we encourage parents to pick their children promptly after school. We do not appreciate what may be described as child abandonement under any guise.
Write your notes promptly, do your assignments and projects and watch your associations. Of course pilfering, fighting, immorality of whatsoever colour will not be condoned. I wish you a glorious stay in OBMS.
Our returning students, keep the mid-night candle burning. Work harder to surpass your previous performance. As a school, we will not rest on our oars. We want to ascend further and be among the very few schools of excellence in our world. We can only achieve this by Divine order, excellence in teaching and learning and the co-operation of all and sundry. Once again, you are all welcome to 2018/2019 academic session.
We and the children God has given us are for signs and wonders. Amen.
Remain blessed.
Thank you.


Meet the School Board[OBMS Ring Road]

  • Rev. (Dr.) Remi Awopegba - Senior Pastor

  • Rev. Diran Adeleke - Associate Pastor

  • Deacon Sola Odeku - Chairman, Board of Deacons

  • Mr. Bodun Oke - Secretary, Educational Board.

  • Deacon Dayo Agbanah-Owa - Financial Secretary.

  • Deaconess M.B. Olajide - Chairperson, OBMS Total Garden.

  • Deaconess F.M. Adeleke - Chairperson, OBMS, Ring Road.

  • Mrs. Adejoke Abatan - Principal, OBMS, Total Garden.

  • Deacon Dayo Agbanah-Owa - Principal, OBMS, Ring Road.

Latest Update
Apr 6, 2019.


The entrance examination into JSS1 of OBMS - Total Garden, Ring Road and Akobo campuses for year 2019/2020 comes up on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 8am. Admission forms including past questions booklets and past results are available in Total Garden and Ring Road offices at the cost of N7,500 only. Note that OBMS is now both Day and Boarding..

Jan 7, 2019.


Happy New Year 2019: Year of Unlimited Divine Breakthrough.

Sep 16, 2018.


Watch the 2018 commendation service online

Sep 16, 2018.


This will come up on Sunday, 16th September 2018 in the Church Auditorium during the Morning Worship.

Sep 09, 2018.


- Teachers’ Workshop from Monday 10th to Friday 14th September, 2018.
- School resumes on the 17th September, 2018 for First Term 2018/2019 session.
- Boarding students resume on Sunday 16th September, 2018.
- Boarding students would not be allowed into the hostels without the payment of first term boarding fees.
- Textbooks and notebooks are available for purchase at the school’s bookshop.
- Please NOTE that the literature texts for JSS3 should not be purchased for now.

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